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What time should I book to be picked up from the Airport after my flight arrives?

Answer – for Domestic flights we recommend 20 minutes after your flight scheduled arrival time. For International Flights we recommend 45 minutes for New Zealand passport holders and 60 minutes non New Zealand passport holders, if you have food items or anything to declare please allow extra time. Discount Taxis will monitor flight arrival times and will adjust booking times should your flight be delayed or arrive early.

How early do I need to book?

Answer - We recommend booking the day before you wish to travel or earlier, you can book up to 6 months in advance. You can also book on the day you wish to travel up to 60 minutes before you wish to be picked up for bookings to the Airport or 60 minutes for bookings from the Airport.

Does it cost extra per passenger?

Answer – It cost the same for 1 or up to 4 passengers, or for (5 to 6, small Van) (7 to 8 Medium van) (9 to 11 large van) passengers. If you have excess luggage you will require a suitable van which will be charged at the sized van rate required. Cost from Auckland CBD to the Airport is $39 for up to 4 passengers which works out at $9.75 each. Discount Taxis charges per vehicle, Cars carry up to 4 passengers or for Vans carrying up to 11 people. Note 4 or more checked bags require a Van.

Do I have to share with other customers?

Answer – No you have exclusive use of the Vehicle so can travel when you want to leave. No driving around the city picking up or dropping other passengers off.

Can I pay the driver cash?

Answer – All Discount Taxis drivers accept cash or you can pay by eftpos.


Child car seats?

Answer – Small passenger service vehicles have an exemption in regards to the use of child car seats. We do not supply car seats with small vehicles as we do not have storage space in our vehicles for them. Some van drivers carry seats, if required with van bookings please note under special driver pick up instructions your requirements, you are also welcome to bring your own seat along. 

How long should I allow for my trip to the Airport?

Answer -- On the booking page you will be given the travel time for your trip to the Airport in OFF PEAK travel times, with no allowances for traffic congestion caused by road works or for travel in rush hour traffic. Discount Taxis recommends allowing an extra 15 minutes for travel in OFF PEAK periods and customers should also allow extra time for travel in rush hour traffic.

How much luggage can I take?

Answer—1 to 4 passengers can take up to 3 checked bags and 2 carry on bags. If you have more than 3 checked bags a suitable Van will be dispatched for your order which can carry up to 11 23kg checked bags and 11 carryon bags. Oversized luggage can be taken but will require a suitable van. When booking please indicate what oversized luggage is being transported and when we will confirm your booking we will arrange a suitable vehicle to pick you up.


If you have any questions not covered by our FAQ’s please email your question to Discount Taxis by clicking on the contact us subpage. Or call our dispatch operators 5am to 6pm.